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If I were King....

If I were King, and could wave my magic wand, my three wishes would be (ooops, I think I am mixing metaphors, oh well):

Engage my employees as partners with me in the quality and cost of their health benefits. I would Implement a benefit design similar to the State of Tennessee, offering lower payroll deduction for premium co-shares, lower deductibles, lower co-pays, and lower co-insurance in exchange for employees and their families taking an HRA, getting their biometrics, and agreeing to condition management and/or health coaching.

Bring health care services on-site, similar to Shelby County Schools, making health care services more readily accessible for my employees and staffing the on-site clinics with health care providers that understood the value of managing the care of my employees to get the highest quality care at a reasonable cost and get them back to work as quickly as clinically appropriate. This "wish" may not be practical for everyone, but for many it is a viable option and should be considered.

Look around me and change those things at my work-site that are relatively "easy" to change, but can have a huge impact on the health of my employees, like First Horizon has. Easy things like offering healthy choices in my vending machines;  healthy options in my cafeteria: encouraging employees to take the stairs: mapping out a walking path in my parking lot or on my grounds, or nearby neighborhoods. And becoming a smoke-free campus. After all, actions speak louder than words. If I didn't do these things, what would make my employees think I was serious about the benefit design or clinics?

Work with a health plan that cares about the things I care about. After all, I am paying them big bucks to help me manage the cost and quality of the health benefits I offer my employees. The health plans I use better score well on eValue8 and pass the test because if they don't I will either find one that does or work with the one I have to become more responsive.

Be sure that the hospitals and doctors that are in my plan are committed, by being willing to publicly report to The Leapfrog Group and Healthy Memphis Common Table, and focus on improving patient safety and quality so I don't waste my healthcare benefit dollars paying for mistakes that happen, healthcare acquired conditions, or inefficiencies due to unnecessary tests or medical treatments.

If I were King, had a magic wand, or three wishes (ok, maybe 5) this is what I would do and I would do it now!.





Posted by Cristie Travis at 6:58 PM

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