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Healthy People 2020 Sets Agressive Goals for Health Improvement

On December 2, 2010, HHS released "Healthy People 2020", updating goals and objectives for improving the health of our nation over the next decade (replaces Healthy People 2010). Visit the Healthy People 2020 website for details.

Overarching goals include:

  1. Attain high-quality, longer lives free of preventable disease, disability, injury, and premature death
  2. Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups.
  3. Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.
  4. Promote quality of life, healthy development, and healthy behaviors across all life stages.

This year, two new objectives and strategies align directly with the work of Memphis Business Group on Health:

  1. Prevent, reduce, and ultimately eliminate healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) (Leapfrog ICU infection rates)
  2. Facilitating the meaningful use of health IT and exchange of health information among health care and public health professionals (Leapfrog computerized provider order entry systems; Midsouth eHealth Alliance health information exhcange)

Other objectives and strategies that align with MBGH's work include:

  1. Decreasing tobacco use among workers: Incentives and competitions to increase smoking cessation & smoke-free policies to reduce tobacco use (MBGH's Tobacco Cessation Benefit Tools & Solutions Center)
  2. Reducing exposure to environmental tobacco smoke: swmoking bans and restrictions (MBGH's Tobacco Cessation Benefit Tools & Solutions Center)
  3. Obesity prevention and control, interventions in community settings: worksite programs. Worksite nutrition and physical activity programs designed to improve health-related behaviors and health outcomes (MBGH's partnership with the Shelby County Health Department for Eat Less, Move More; MBGH Virgin HealthMiles employer-based physical activity program)

Other health goals included in Healthy People 2020 include:

  1. Cutting adult obesity rates from 34% to 31%;
  2. Reducing heart disease and stroke deaths by 20%;
  3. Cutting cancer deaths by 10%;
  4. Reducing new diabetes cases by 10%; and
  5. Reducing cases of food poisoning from E. coli, salmonella and other microbes.

Healthy People 2020 provides a MAP-IT action plan example for worksite wellness committees.

Posted by Cristie Travis at 11:38 AM

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