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The Best Food and Drinks to Consume at Work

* If you are an employer that provides snacks during the work day consider incorporating these foods as a healthy alternative, if not, share this article with your employees in your next company newsletter or post it on a bulletin board in your break room! *

Do you ever hit that 3 o’clock slump? Feel tired or stressed out at work? If so, here are some foods and drinks that may boost your health, productivity, and energy throughout the day.

  1. Black Tea – Daily cups of tea may help you recover more quickly from stress of everyday life. Black tea has been found to effect stress hormone levels in the body. Although it does not appear to reduce the actual levels of stress people experience, it can bring high stress hormone levels back to normal. So the next time you feel like a cup of Joe before a stressful meeting, consider tea instead. 
  2. Whole Grain Bar – Complex carbohydrates and fiber in whole grain bars can help keep insulin levels regulated, which decreases the signal for your body to store fat. Each bar provides one-third of your daily whole grain needs, and might help keep your weight in check, too.
  3. Water – Most Americans do not consume the amount of water their bodies need. Your body needs water to function normally and when you’re dehydrated you may also feel tired, have trouble concentrating, or wind up eating more than usual. Keep a reusable water bottle at work and if you find the taste of water boring – infuse it with lemons, limes, strawberries or cucumbers.
  4. Grapes –Nutrient-packed and portable, grapes are a perfect fruit to keep at the office. Not only are they easy to grab-and-go, they are also a fun and healthy snack to share with co-workers.  Grapes may also contain a component to help you perform better at work. Research on grape juice shows it has been shown to increase the production of dopamine in the brain – a feel-good neurotransmitter that is essential for memory and problem solving.
  5. Nuts - Nuts are an excellent food for snacking or for topping off your salad or yogurt at work. Unlike a bag of potato chips, full of empty carbs, the healthy fats, protein, and fiber in nuts keep you feeling fuller, longer. Nut consumers also tend to live a healthier lifestyle. A large 2013 study showed that people who ate nuts seven or more times a week had a lower death rate than individuals who did not eat nuts.
  6. Dried Fruits & Veggies - While fruits and vegetables are low in calories and bursting with important vitamins and minerals, sometimes a lack of time means a lack of produce in your diet. Dried peas, dried banana chips, dried carrots, dried apples, and dried blueberries are just a few convenient produce options to keep in your desk drawer for a “smart” snack. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that high fruit and vegetable intake is positively correlated with antioxidant status and cognitive performance in healthy adults.
  7. Popcorn - Popcorn is perfect for munching at work. With only about 30 calories per cup, this whole-grain snack is extremely low-calorie as compared to the 100 calories per cup minimum of most chips and snack mixes. Popcorn also provides fiber and antioxidants for good health.

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Posted by Tara Hill at 2:35 PM

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