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How Many Things Can Go Wrong For A Patient in 3 days? Read On..

I know that there are stories all over the country just like this one. I wonder why we as purchasers and patients allow the system to work this way? There are many examples of a broken system in this story and I have highlighted a few of them. I imagine I left some out so feel free to chime in with more that you notice. As my friend says  "you can't make this stuff up". I stopped the the story at an arbritrary point but I imagine it will continue, probably for some time to come. There are also examples (although fewer) of the people within the system helping just the way they should. Clearly the system is broken that results in this many things happening to one patient and their family in just a 3-day period of time.

Here is a conversation started by a friend whose mother fell and broke her hip and needed hip surgery. I have removed personal names and references to specific hospitals or geography. I have also not included those parts of the feed that were more personal and not related to the health care experience. Each paragraph is a different post starting on Monday with the last post on Wednesday night. My friend gave me permission to share her story.

"Mom fell and broke her hip this morning at 8:20. The hospital is refusing to transport her to another hospital at our request. Help. 

Still waiting for ambulance and pain meds!!! A friend of mine was wonderful help here at the hospital. And another friend of mine will meet her at the new hospital  so I can gather up things from home and shut everything down in the apt. Get gas etc. don't know what I would do without my wonderful family. A friend of mine who is a hospital administrator in Memphis got on a conference call with the head of the ER and smoothed out a bad situation!!  Our wonderful nurse who came in and told us our not so nice ER doc was wrong and that we could indeed be transferred because she saw in the paper work i have POA. the dr told us if we did not allow them to admit her to their hospital then they would sit her up in a wheelchair on her broken hip and push her to the curb and I could load her in my car myself!!). In addition she Prayed with Mom, stood up to doc and is clearly God sent thanks to ur prayers! We are more blessed than we ever now by family friends and answered prayer

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow between 830 and 9 AM. It should take one hour to an hour and a half to complete. Then she will go to recovery or possibly intensive care if she's not doing well. That is not unusual for older patients. She will stay in bed Thursday and will start walking Friday. I fear we are going to get caught by the weekend and not be able to get into a rehab center until Monday. Not sure if they even admit anyone at rehab on the weekends

Things not going well. Have told staff all afternoon she was going down hill NO ONE WOULD LISTEN!!! I asked for a monitor for her Bp heart pulse etc and no one would bring one. What kind of hospital doesn't have those for their patients??? Around 6 I begged for blood work cause I know something bad had happened. Nothing happened. Her last blood work was 8 a m this morning!!! She has steadily declined and no one would help her. My fear is she has had a stroke or worse yet is developing hospital dementia. 

We had a CAT Scan at midnight. They were very kind to an emotional scared and over protective daughter. Assume they found nothing since I got no results. Think my rational MUCH smarter brother nailed it. But staff realized during test how over medicated she was, so much so she had lost the ability to swallow, blink or physically respond to requests. they discontinued morphine for the night. At 80 metabolism slows and she was over drugged. Some concern she may have aspirated some meds they tried to give her when she couldn't swallow, still has fever but going ahead with surgery. She is still heavily sedated even after more than 16hours without painkillers but more responsive blinks etc. surgeon came in at 5:30 ( ugg). Medical doc in at 6:30. Ugg again. They took her to surgery around 8:30. My brother and I in surgical waiting room. Just told she is going into surgery now. I apologize for these long overly detailed posts. Think I am doing this to deal with anxiety 

She is back in the room, pain free and more alert than she has been they started morphine!!! We are so grateful!!

Ok. R we being punked???!!!! They forgot to set back up fluids so I am running this baby myself!! Forgot heart monitor to be attached in recovery, sent 4 in but didn't know how to put in batteries. We got that figured out. Waited 30 minutes finally gave up and went to nurses station to remind them to turn it on. I have reset pressure and pulse monitor blood work department accidentally turned off and our nurse just spilled ensure all over our 1 table and floor. She mopped it up with 2 dry towels and threw them in the trash. I got them up, wet them with hot water and started moping the floor. By the time I got to the table Kleenex box, Moms book etc cemented to table I pulled out a tissue and like a magicians trick, a long flag string of stuck together tissues come pouring out!!! It's like the Faulty Towers Hospital addition. Expect to see John Cleese around the corner any minute. Good thing I picked up the large capped IV needle in the hall. He could have tripped on it like I did!!! My brother and I are now saying "She's from Barcelona" every time something crazy happens. It is funny as long as they don't overdose Mom again!!"

Posted by Cristie Travis at 8:31 AM

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