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How Long Will We Accept Preventable Medical Mistakes?

My heart breaks and then I get mad when I read about preventable medical mistakes, aka medical errors, causing so much pain and even loss of life for patients! When you read the full article below, you will see that in California (CA) at least 8 of the 14 hospitals cited have had penalties levied against them before.

Why are these multiple-offenders allowed to stay open? Why do health plans continue to contract with these hospitals? Why do doctors continue to refer patients to these hospitals? Why do patients continue to go these hospitals?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is because we let it be so.

But, we don't even know which hospitals in Tennessee may be in the same situation as these in California. At least the information is publicly reported in CA and throughout the nation as is evident by the fact that you now know which hospitals in CA are major offenders!

But, we do have The Hospital Safety Score for Memphis hospitals, released this past June by The Leapfrog Group, that gives all of us critical information that grades area hospitals on the safety of care in their institutions. Hospitals are given an A, B, C or grade pending to let you and me know how successful they are at providing safe care (care that does not harm you). Have you seen these ratings? Have you shared these ratings with people you care about? Take a look and then think about where you get your care. An A is better than a B. A B is better than a C. And so it goes. Access Hospital Safety Scores for hospitals across the country here.

Take the time to read this article which details the offenses and the harm that was perpetrated on patients that just went to their hospital to get help, never thinking that they would be harmed in the process.

Picture yourself, your mother or daddy, your brother or sister, your son or daughter, your best friend or others you love being the victim. Would it just be ok with you? I doubt it.

Read the article and then decide if you think it is ok fo let this happen.

Posted by Cristie Travis at 6:25 PM

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